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From Kay Baker

A word to the wise. Remember that you get what you pay for and sometimes even less. That has been my experience with over three months of headaches with an ISP named Everyone's Internet. I have spent over 10 hours on the telephone with their tech support trying to get my domain, email and website functional. You will notice that I have no website at the moment and haven't since my service with my old ISP lapsed. My email functions occasionally with lots of experimentation, and no consistency. Their tech support staff has never given me the same story twice! In all those hours of calls, new stories each time. So, it may be only $10 bucks per month, but I certainly have paid much more dearly. AND, the telephone calls were not free, I paid for all those hours of long distance.

So, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That is the case with Everyone's Internet.

On the other hand, my previous ISP, Prismnet here in Austin, has been saintly. They have had my email functional in a matter of minutes while staying on the phone with me and talking me through each step of the way and explaining what is happening. They have been most kind when I told them I was leaving for a "cheaper" company and expressed their desire to have me a happy customer, no matter what. The two people I deal with there, Jody and Ted, have been professional, educational and kind. Never rude or abrasive.

Please pass on this information to anyone you hear of wanting to find a "cheaper" ISP. You DO get what you pay for!


Don't let this happen to you!

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Reprinted with permission by Kay Baker

Kay Baker offers Call Center Solutions to call centers across the United States. She offers both management and call center representatives classes as well as consulting on such topics as

  • Dealing with Difficult Callers
  • Clarify the Caller's Needs and Wants
  • Hiring and Motivating Call Center Representatives
  • 10 Keys of Protocol for Success Call Centers.

Kay can be reached at or 512.251.2977.

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