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From Brian Azar, The Sales Doctor

This "special report" comes at a crucial time for most of my clients and colleagues looking to go "high tech" with their websites and e-commerce marketing! LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

As of the writing of this report (Friday,October 22,1999) The Sales Dr. has just returned from "HELL!"

Let me begin at the beginning:

Back in April of this year, several companies solicited me...again, for business with regard to my website, internet marketing and high tech "Bells and Whistles." One company in particular, offered me a "partnership" and "collaboration!" They wanted to bring my website business "into the 21st Century." Being a salesman, after holding out many carrots to me, I gave in! A contract was signed on May 13, 1999 and I became both a partner and a client (terms of the contract). They took over my website in June and started "reenginering" it for a launch date by the new millenium!

The following actions in relative chronological order, took place:

  • In June and July, we had a few meetings to discuss the "newly reengineered website in terms of "bells, whistles, interactive rooms, walls, databases etc. most of which was Greek to me. I thought these people were knowledgeable experts in this field. WRONG! They were knowledgeable in Renting A Computer and setting up and servicing computer networks...not website development, hosting and e-commerce marketing!
  • In August, The VP of Sales, who was my "partner" wanted the website changed and ready for launch by Sept.1st to take advantage of the "after summer" back to work mentality of people. While I mildly disagreed, he said that the "reengineering was moving forward quickly and the changes would be ready on time!"
  • In Sept, the "New Sales Dr." was launched (including press releases and media teleconferences) with disastrous results including the loss of all e-mails to, along with massive problems with registration technology and follow up, as well as "on line" payments for products and services!
  • By the middle of October, both parties were out of time, energy and money and discoveries were made that would end the "partnership" and force The Sales Dr. to re-learn some valuable lessons the hard way!

Valuable lessons were:

1-Don't get seduced by the "glitter" and "bells and whistles" of the new technology as we come into the 21st Century!

2-Do your "due diligence" and check everything...and everyone..out seriously and meticulously, before doing business as "partners"

3-Don't give up on your loyal and competent service providers for the lure of something new or different.

4- Thank you Marty Crouch of Web Valence for being there and helping me recover quickly!

5-Forge strong, ethical alliances with others in similar or related industries so you can validate your feelings opinions and/or intuition

Let the buyer beware! For every 100 internet marketing,design,hosting etc.vender/service provider,there are only about 10 with the true expertise, knowledge and experience to really help you...and they're going to be expensive in most cases. That's okay. They'll be worth it in the long run!


The Sales Doctor must now rebuild his e-mail newsletter subscriber list, lost in the "reengineering process."

The entire website had to be moved to a new provider.

Another web design team had to be assembled.

Business was lost, including registrations and payments. Some of this may never be recovered.

Don't let this happen to you!

Read why TechTamers will be a good choice for you.


Reprinted with permission by The Sales Doctor.

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