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Cost of Services

TechTamers' Web Site Design Division specializes in providing entry-level sites for small businesses, consultants, speakers, and associations. Each site is customized and developed to:
  • provide a way for you to put your business onto the world wide web with a minimum of knowledge and investment
  • create a professional presence for your company
  • help you learn the information you need to make intelligent decisions about the future of your web site through our exclusive educational process
  • expand easily as your confidence and business grow
  • transition easily to a larger and more complex site

Because we recognize that businesses new to the web want to make it simple, there are only two options for you to choose from:

--The Basic Package provides you with:

  • 5 top-level pages, linked to one another, with graphics, in your color scheme and your preferred style
  • 5 extra buttons of your choice, ready for you to use for expansion
  • help in registering your domain name
  • recommendations for choosing a web host
  • 3 online lessons to help you design your internet plan
  • full HTML code documented and ready for you or your designer to update

    Investment: $800, half payable in advance, half upon completion

    Estimated production time: 2 weeks from the time you give us the requested information

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Basic Package

Additional Services are available from TechTamers' Web Design Division. They may include:

  • Add video or audio clips
  • Add or edit a form
  • Reformat pages
  • Redesign of an existing site, beyond the Basic Package
  • Adding Java, Flash, and other more advanced features to a site

Because of the range of services possible, each project will be quoted individually. For information, contact our Web Design Division.


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