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Though teachers see them every day, they are often the unseen students. At all levels from elementary school through high school, there are students who just do not seem to get it. They do assignments poorly or not at all, though they may occasionally surprise their teachers and parents with a bit of exceptionally well done work. But they cannot sustain that level of effort. Their grades are below average or worse.

Most are not rowdy, disruptive or violent. On the contrary, they often are almost invisible. And, though they may have friends, they feel isolated, alone, and even worthless. Tutoring might help in some cases. Psychological counseling might help a little. Grounding and restriction of privileges usually do not help. They are a disappointment to their teachers, to their parents, and especially to themselves. Yet these young people cannot offer any clues about what is wrong.

They are the children with moderate learning disabilities, such as visual, organizational, auditory, and some cognitive disabilities. Some are borderline ADD or ADD without hyperactivity. Through testing and evaluation, they might be designated as "504 students" or some similar indicator of moderate learning disabilities. Surprisingly, test results may indicate that some of them are gifted, but the teachers cannot understand why they don't produce. They are not severely learning impaired with severe ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit and/or Hyperactive Disorder), PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay), cerebral palsy, autism, or traumatic brain injury which would qualify them for "special ed." programs. In the end, most of these students are not even tested, and they are simply labeled "lazy", both at school and at home. They fall into a crack between gifted and special education. They become disillusioned and frustrated adults who often move from one low-paying job to another, sometimes using alcohol or other substances to dull the pain of their lives.

The bottom line is: there are very few programs designed for these young people, even though school systems usually say otherwise. They seldom receive psychological counseling or tutoring from learning disabled specialists. And, most importantly, their numbers are growing.

Yet something in them insists: I AM IMPORTANT. I AM NOT STUPID!

Carl Purcell is such a student. Testing and excellent progress in the early elementary school grades identified Carl as a gifted student, and he received a full scholarship to a fine private school in New York for grades 2 - 4. But concentration and focusing difficulties appeared during the fifth grade, and school became difficult and frustrating. His mother, Dr. Karen Purcell, tried a year of home schooling in the hope that the personal attention of a loving family and friends would help, but it did not. She tried different schools, different settings, tutoring, extra help, and therapy, but nothing seemed to make a difference. Carl became more frustrated. Carl's case was aggravated by continual fatigue, immune problems, and clinical depression.

Meanwhile, his teachers labeled him "bright, but lazy."

Carl's difficult struggle continued through middle school and into high school. However, two significant occurrences shed new light on his situation. First, Carl discovered a gift for writing. He developed a natural gift for expressing a deep and profound world view in beautiful essays and poems, some of which were deemed worthy of publication, and one of which won an award in a national poetry competition. (See Carl's Calendar & Poetry Collection.) Carl found a niche where he seemed to belong and in which he could function well. He proved, as his family had always known, that he was not stupid!

Carl's Calendar & Poetry Collection is dedicated to all learning disabled children, teens, and their parents who struggle through each day. HANG IN THERE!

(Proceeds from the sale of Carl's Calendar & Poetry Collection go to sponsor Dr. Purcell and other nutritionally - oriented doctors to speak to schools, universities, PTA's, and school boards nationwide on children's nutrition and behavior, and essential fatty acid testing.)

Second, Carl's mother, Dr. Karen Purcell, a naturopathic physician and a licensed clinical nutritionist, found natural therapies that aided Carl greatly in his concentration and in his ability to sustain a higher level of effort for a longer period of time. She learned of Essential Fatty Acid testing made famous in the film, "Lorenzo's Oil". The results of this testing and the excellent information provided by Dr. Patricia Kane, PH.D., along with other natural protocols made a remarkable difference in Carl's cognitive functions. That is, Dr. Purcell found, as she had long suspected, that:


The message is clear:

  • Most learning disabled students have at least one area of potential excellence which, if they can identify it, can prove to themselves, their families, and their teachers that they are of value, and

  • Most learning disabled students can be aided greatly by appropriate natural protocols using pharmaceuticals as a last resort.

In addition, Dr. Purcell has found that the protocols which help learning disabled children, teens, and adults can be coupled with additional tests and protocols to help children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay), tic disorder, autism, and even traumatic brain injury. While by no means "cures" for these disorders, essential fatty acid protocols, amino acid testing and supplementation, enzyme testing, heavy metal testing and detoxification, and the use of hyperbaric oxygen, implemented by knowledgeable health care professionals, have shown remarkable results in many cases. These may be early forms of protocols to alleviate these heretofore intractable disorders!

Dr. Karen Purcell, M.M., N.D., C.N. considers the ability to identify and to help these young people so important that she and her husband have formed a not-for-profit organization to meet this need. It is called:

The WINS Foundation
We're Important, NOT Stupid

WINS funds campaigns to identify and help learning disabled students through 3 main efforts:

  • First, WINS sponsors Dr. Purcell and other nutritionally-oriented doctors, chiropractors, and nutritionists to speak to schools, parent organizations, teachers, special education teachers, counselors, school boards, psychologists, and other professionals about the nutritional and natural methods that can be used to help these students.

  • Second, WINS sponsors training programs for nutritionists, naturopaths, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, and nutritionally - oriented M.D.s to teach the natural methods and protocols that help learning disabled students overcome the physiological difficulties that keep them from realizing their natural talents, abilities and worth. These health care professionals will also be able to assist children with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder), PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay), tic disorder, autism, and traumatic brain injury reach their maximum potential.

  • Third, WINS sponsors an annual competition to help learning disabled students find areas of talent and competence. Winners of the competition are featured in annual versions of Carl's Calendar.

At last WINS can help those who previously were lost to take their rightful places among the best and the brightest!

For information on essential fatty acid testing and a nutritionally - oriented doctor in your area, please call: 1-888-327-9554