Jim Bearden, CSP

New Choices for New Environments

This was Jim's first site, circa 1996.

Boy, has he come a long way since!

Check out his current site at JimBearden.com

Bearden Resource Group

New Choices for New Environments

Jim Bearden's programs reflect the experience, enthusiasm and insight that have made him successful in so many challenging situations. Noted for his upbeat, entertaining presentation style, Jim will create and deliver customized programs that enhance your ability to make New Choices for New Environments.

Jim Bearden, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), has been a professional speaker for over 10 years. A member of the National Speakers Association, he has created and presented programs on Change, Leadership, Team-Building, Sales and Customer Service for Fortune 500 companies, trade and professional associations, financial and high-tech concerns.

A former marine officer, decorated Viet Nam veteran and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Jim has authored more than 200 feature articles, written and produced two audio training programs and a radio program, The Competitive Edge. With his quarterly newsletter, From the Inside-Out, Jim continues to reinforce the work he's done for more than 3500 of his former and current clients.

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