Talk To Your Webmaster


Talk To Your Webmaster is an easy-to-follow guide fo finding, selecting,then maximizing the use of a webmaster. You’ll find tips on

  • Five places to find a webmaster – and how to leverage each of them.
  • Seven questions to ask when interviewing a webmaster – even via email.
  • Five tips for a successful working relationship – and how you control each of them.
  • The basic website process, illustrated in a flowchart, as well as in words. You’ve never seen it made easier!
  • The six parts of your request that are critical. Skip one of these and you’ll be playing “tag” again!
  • Ready-to-use site standards that will save you hours of agonizing over what you want – and will have your webmaster singing your praises.

This is a must-have guide for any serious online marketer who is still struggling with creating their own websites. And can also use managed IT services to help them. Details

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