With the speed of change in the online world, you need a way to stay current. TechTamers can provide a speaker for your next conference or training in-house, on the web, or through our full line of learning resources.
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Speaking and Training

-- Keynotes and General Sessions

    Jeanette S. Cates, PhD is an internationally recognized expert in the effective use of technology. Her fast-paced, computer-based presentations and her ability to explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms have earned her the reputation of being "The Technology Tamer"™. Dr. Cates can provide an exciting keynote for your next conference! Full details on her speaking topics and her current schedule are at

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-- Workshops

    Using technology effectively to build your online business is a complex topic. Workshops can provide one of the most efficient ways to rapidly expand your knowledge and capabilities. TechTamers offers a variety of workshops and can tailor the topics for your audience. The most requested workshops are:

    • Online Choices: Bottomline Results
      Based on Dr. Cates' Framework for Online Business Success, this workshop offers participants the opportunity to assess their current online presence, determine their focus for planning, then choose the most appropriate strategies to be implemented for maximum ROI in the near-term. Participants in this workshop will receive a copy of Dr. Cates' latest book.

    • Online Business Mastery
      As a solo practitioner, CEO of a medium professional services firm, or Director of an association, there are decisions and technology topics you need to understand in order to make intelligent decisions for your organization. This workshop will walk you through the design and implementation of an online business so that you are better equipped to make those decisions.

      This topic is also available as a series of teleseminars.

    • Putting your Content Online
      Whether you're a college professor or a busy professional, you have content to share with others. In this workshop you'll learn the design issues, as well as the technical decisions you need to make in order to put your content online. We'll actually build an online course during the workshop!

    • Tech4Pros: How to Present with Technology
      Today, we sell our ideas not only in the boardroom and the auditorium, but on the internet as well. See how to create and deliver an effective computer-based message. You'll learn tips and techniques for technology use in front of audiences, shortcuts you can use for preparation, and 12 survival tips developed by a 10-year master of multimedia presentations.

    • Magnify your Message with Multiple Mediums
      How many different ways are you delivering your content? If you're not using online courses, teleseminars, and web-enhanced materials, you're behind the technology curve. Start today to learn how to repurpose your message into different formats.

    For information about our Workshops, please contact us.

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-- In-house Training

    TechTamers offers a full line of in-house training to improve online performance for your employees and your business. Each topic can be tailored to your environment and time-frame. Topics include:

    • Effective Online Communication Techniques
    • Putting the Customer into Online Customer Service
    • Taming the Technology: The Email Advantage
    • Taming the Technology: Freedom from VoiceMail Jail
    • Designing your Departmental Online Presence
    • Maximizing your Technology Learning Style
    • Maximizing your Technology Management Style
    • Presenting a more Professional Presence with Technology Presentations

    For information about In-house Training, please contact us.

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-- Distance Learning

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-- Learning Products

    Recognizing that people learn differently, TechTamers offers a variety of learning products to serve the needs of our clients. Check our Online Store for a complete selection of products. Some of our learning aids include:

    • TamerTips Booklets: Each booklet provides easy to read tips that you can use immediately. As a web-enhanced publication, each booklet has an accompanying website that provides further details for up to half of the tips in the booklet. Whether you use these booklets yourself or give them to staff, friends, or members of your organization, you'll find TamerTips an invaluable resource! Current TamerTips Titles include:

      • Windows 95/98: 55 Tis to make your technology more useful and profitable
      • 30 Thrifty Tips for Promoting your Website
      • You've Got Email - Now Here are some Tips on how to Use it!

    • AudioTapes: As web-enhanced publications, each of our audiotapes includes a URL where you can download the handouts or find additional information on the topic. Current audiotape titles include:

      • You've Got Email - Now What?
      • Presenting with Technology
      • Promoting your Website

    • Books:

      • Celebrate Customer Service: Insider Secrets includes Dr. Cates' chapter on "Online Customer Service: Building a Sense of Connection"

    • Free Resources: In addition to the learning products listed above, we provide numerous articles on our site.

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