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Web-enhanced Teleseminars

Are you entering the new millennium kicking and screaming?

You've been putting it off! You know you need a website. But who has time?

Or maybe you have a website - and it's just not working for you. But what can you do?

Blast into CyberSpace!

These teleseminars bring the learning to you! No need to take time out of your busy schedule. Each seminar is offered for two evenings, just one hour per evening. You'll have a website for the seminar, as well as the opportunity to ask questions via email or during the live seminar.

A web-enhanced seminar provides online learning, as well as telesessions. During the telesessions, you'll dial into a long-distance number and be connected with the instructor and other learners for live discussion and feedback. The website provides material for your study before and after the teleseminar. Here's a sample teleseminar website. TechTamers provides a unique website for each of our teleseminars.


Design your Website


Do you need a website? Do you have a website that isn't working for you? Should you create your own site? Or hire an outside expert? These and other critical decisions will be discussed in this two-session web-enhanced teleseminar. You'll learn about the four decisions that only YOU can make about your site. You'll learn to plan for promotion, even before you create a page! You'll exit this seminar with the outline of your site, ready to develop.

$60 fee for the 2-session teleseminar, plus ongoing support via the website


Choosing a Web Developer and Web Host


One of the biggest decisions you must make in putting up a web site is deciding who will design your website and where it will be hosted. There are so many options - how do you decide? In this two-session web-enhanced teleseminar, you'll learn how to

  • decide whether or not you should hire a developer
  • structure a contract with a developer
  • "park" your domain name FREE
  • decide on the hosting capabilities you need
  • interpret the online options

$60 fee for the 2-session teleseminar, plus ongoing support via the website

How to Promote your Website


Once you have your site online you need to tell the world! In this two-session web-enhanced teleseminar, you'll learn to

  • use traditional media
  • register with online search engines
  • evaluate the use of banner and link exchanges
  • get FREE advertising
  • create an ongoing promotion plan

$60 fee for the 2-session teleseminar, plus ongoing support via the website

E-Commerce Basics

(Not currently scheduled. Complete a request form.)

Now that you have your website up and running and have a steady stream of visitors, you may want to consider adding e-commerce to your site. In this teleseminar we'll discuss affiliate programs, online credit card processing, and establishing a secure connection at your site. You'll see the evolution of an ecommerce site and be ready to outline your strategy for adding e-commerce to your site!


Seven Secrets to Success with your Web Site

(Not currently scheduled. Complete a request form.)

Learn the secrets to building your business through your web site. You'll see ways of getting your web site seen and revisited by your target audience. It's even faster and easier than you thought - and you can do it yourself! This FREE single-session web-enhanced teleseminar will introduce you to low-cost tips for maintaining and promoting your own website. In addition, take advantage of this new delivery mode!


Effective Email

(Not currently scheduled. Complete a request form.)

Learn the three principles of effective email. This is a practical introduction to more effective online communication. You'll be more effective in your online interactions!


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