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Welcome to the Web pages for the "Design your Website" Teleseminar!

When you begin to work with a new topic like the internet, there is a lot to learn - from new vocabulary to new concepts to new procedures. By having a website that you can review before the teleseminar and after the teleseminar, your learning is enhanced, increasing the value of the teleseminar to you.

You'll want to click on each of the links on the left to "walk through" the content. Then you can come back and review any time you like.

Please remember that, like other internet content, this website is protected by copyright. You may not copy this information or use it for anything other than your personal use. Please do not share this web address with anyone who did not pay for and register for the class. Thank you!


HOMEWORK: You will need 2 colors of index cards for the second teleseminar. Go ahead and locate those now. 3 x 5 will be fine.


This is a Sample of the Website which is included with every TechTamers Teleseminar.


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