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Workshop Topics

· Design your Website
· Choosing your Web Host and Developer
· Promote your Website
· E-Commerce Basics
· Seven Secrets to Success with your Website
· Effective Email


Who should attend?

The Blast into CyberSpace teleseminar series is designed for:

  • Professional Speakers
  • Consultants
  • Authors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Association Managers
  • Professionals who run their own offices
  • CEOs of small businesses
  • Mircopreneurs
  • Departmental managers without an IT staff

What you will learn in the Blast into CyberSpace teleseminar series:

  • 10 things that make a website effective
  • 30 secrets to promoting your site
  • 10 biggest mistakes most websites make
  • How to sort through the web hosting maze
  • How to set up an e-commerce site
  • Top 4 decisions only you can make
  • How to decide who will create your site
  • 3 easy ways to do your own maintenance
  • 12 rules of thumb for good page design
  • 3 policies you must have in place

What you will accomplish

Each teleseminar is designed to be an inactive experience. Prior to the seminar you will receive the telephone number to call, suggestions for effective use of a teleseminar, and the URL for the website for that seminar. You are encouraged to look over the website prior to the seminar so that you can begin to ask questions.

During the teleseminar your instructor will go over the materials. You'll do one or two activities while you are on the telephone line, so have paper and pencil ready. You'll have multiple opportunities to ask questions that are specific to your situation, so have that list of questions next to the phone!

Between the first and second session of the two-session teleseminars, you will have "homework". This homework will involve you in actually doing some of the work you have discussed in the seminar. That way, at the second session you can clarify any points or ask any questions that came from your work online. This learn-apply-question-learn cycle will provide you the maximum learning experience.

After the teleseminar the website will remain active. It is constantly being updated with new information, new URLs, and new concepts. In fact, we keep a page of links to sites that have been updated or created as a result of the teleseminars - be sure to get your site on the list! You are welcome to log into the website at any time in order to look at or review something included in the seminar. You are also welcome to email the instructor will questions before, during, and after the seminar.

These teleseminars provide the richest learning experience you can have. They are more interactive than an online course, provide more current information than a book, and give you a better opportunity to apply the knowledge than a live course.

Who should attend?


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