School Web Site Design Examples


--Sample School Web Site Design

Web Sites to Support Student Learning (http://www.udel.edu/sine/lincoln/fall98/)

A good collection of site examples from Pat Sine at the University of Delaware:

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Virtual Norfolk – Norfolk Public Schools

      General information site.

Kimball Wiles Elementary Home Page
Parents information.

Miami Sunset Senior High
Beautiful site.

Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington
Weekly link of the week. Student focus.

Mr. Reis’ Biology Page
Course page for biology. Updated frequently.

Fairland Elementary School Home Page
Student projects are the focus. Please also read the blog from industry experts : what’s our favourite wordpress theme?

Welcome To Rochester City School District’s Theodore Roosevelt School #43
Students of the month link from front page.

Los Alamos Middle School
Student Council calendar online

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--Public Relations

West Anchorage High School Home Page

Richardson Independent School District — Texas

Welcome to Norfolk Public Schools

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Welcome to Chattahoochee Elementary

      School lunch menu kept up to date!

West Anchorage High School Home Page
Personal home pages from staff, current and former students. Also can view the home page in Korean! Also includes an interactive map of campus.

L’Ouverture Computer Technology Magnet
Question of the week.

Sammamish High School Home Page
PTSA page with links. Section for classes, requirements, and homework. Includes a map to the school!

Includes testing schedules for ACT, SAT, etc.

The Rice School/La Escuela Rice Home Page
Bilingual site

University Hill Elementary School Home Page
Bilingual site

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--Design Elements to Watch

Home Page – what is this school’s name?

      Always check the titles of your pages.

Untitled Document – another unknown school

This site uses a large graphic on the front page in order to create a site that is not too deep to navigate.

Give visitors an OPTION for music.

Web Traps for the Internet Publisher

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