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Our new booklet series is TamerTips. Each booklet provides each to read short tips that you can use immediately. As a web-enhanced publication, each booklet has an accompanying website that provides further details for approximately half of the tips in the booklet. Whether you use these booklets yourself or give them to staff, friends, or members of your organization, you'll find TamerTips an invaluable resource!

Current TamerTips Titles include:

  • Windows 95/98: 55 Tis to make your technology more useful and profitable
  • 30 Thrifty Tips for Promoting your Website
  • You've Got Email - Now Here are some Tips on how to Use it!

To purchase one or all of the booklets, visit our online store at The Cache.

We are pleased to announce the publication of Celebrate Customer Service: Insider Secrets. Dr. Cates, The Technology Tamer, wrote the chapter on Online Customer Service: Building a Sense of Connection. In addition there are chapters on

  • Customer Service Culture
  • Whole-Brain Customer Service
  • Quality in Service
  • Turning Good Service into Great Servie
  • Handline Customer Complaints
  • Cross-Cultural Customer Service Issues
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Service Online
  • Implementing a Customer Service Program

Take advantage of the prepublication special price of only $14, including shipping! Email us today!

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Web Site Design

Blast into CyberSpace Seminar

Getting Online: Six Steps for Small Business Owners

Developing your Internet Plan

Should you maintain your own internet site?

So you've decided to modify your website. Here are the online lessons.

How to Choose a Web Master

Use Microsoft Word to create a web page

Uploading your web pages

Online Communities

What is an online community? - coming

Customer Service Online: an overview - coming

Additional Resources for Online Communities - coming

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Assessing Teachers' Technology Skills

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Research on Educational Technology

Additional Resources for Educational Technology

School Web Site Design

Web Traps describes the 10 most common traps internet publishers fall into when creating a website. This is especailly applicable to the education market.

Resources for Web Site Design for Educators

Use Microsoft Word to create a web page

Uploading your web pages

Electronic Communication

Effective Email Tips

Your Signature is You Online - in press

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The Internet for Speakers

The Internet for Small Business

What is an Intranet?

The Life Cycle of an Intranet

Presentation Techniques

Presentations on the Web from PC Magazine talks about the "old" and "new" ways of preenting.

Web-based Real-time Presentations are becoming reality! Here's an article from ZDNet.

Wireless Presentations of the Internet

Room Layout for large audiences from TechTamers

Theater Style Room Layout from Media-net

Room Layout for hands-on training in hotel

Recommended books for presenters - buy them right here from!

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Building a Successful Consulting Business

Technology: Make it Personal

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