March 7, 2000

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Jeanette S. Cates, Ph.D.
10502 Hardrock
Austin, TX 78750

877.522.8371 tollfree
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TechTamers Publishes TamerTips

TechTamers, an Austin-based consulting and training firm, is offering a series of TamerTips booklets. Aimed at working professionals who want to learn to use their technology more effectively, there are already three booklets in the series.

"Most people take on too much when they're learning to use technology, " says Dr. Jeanette Cates, CEO of TechTamers. "The TamerTips booklets are designed to help them learn one new thing per day."

The web-enhanced aspect of the TamerTips booklets means that users have a website to refer to for more information on some of the tips provided in the booklets. For example, rather than reading a tip that says to use emoticons, they can visit the website and get a list of the most commonly used emoticons.

"We've found it is so much more effective if users can learn in more depth, as well as just read a tip. By using the website they can explore an idea in more depth, often viewing screen shots or a short demo of a tip. We update the tips sites as new information becomes available, " Cates continued.

Each TamerTips booklet has a URL of the associated website. Tips highlighted on the site has the URL listed after the tip.

Details on the TamerTips booklets are available at and toll-free at 1-877-522-8371.

TechTamers, an Austin, Texas-based training and consulting firm works with organizations who want to innovate and prosper online and with professionals who are in charge of their own technology learning to cut their learning curve. Dr. Cates, CEO of TechTamers, has been involved in adult training for more than 30 years and has been a proponent of technology use for the past 18 years.