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Our Latest Finds in Helpful Websites

Want to learn to play the guitar? I've had the pleasure of working with Mike Hayes for the past two years. He's a professional musician who has taught people to play guitar for many years. Now he's applied that to his online guitar students and he's come up with methods to help you learn to play guitar FAST!
Coming April 6- The Womens Power Summit, a one-day seminar for women, will be held in Atlanta the day before the Big Seminar . If you're a woman in business, join us!
Are you suffering with mosquitos like we are this year? Kill mosquitoes fast with the ideas you'll find here. Even has ideas for dog collars. Concerned about home safety and security? You'll find more resources, including tips on fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms.
Top resources for busy work at home moms. Discover work at home ideas, home business advice, business building resources for working from home, parenting tips, self care articles, checklists, free printables, discussion boards, and fun links for kids.
One of our most popular sites is dedicated to the toddlers in our lives. We have 4 grandchildren under the age of 4 - so this is a strong resource for us!

If you're into games, you'll enjoy the Game Shelf. Even better, why not set up your own Game Room? There are so many great ideas - your own poker table, pool table, dart board, chess set. I could go on and on.

Into video games? You'll find a lot of video game resources at Video Games Galore.

Now, I love puzzles - all sorts of puzzles. So I've really enjoyed the Puzzle Shelf. You'll find links to crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles - well, you get the idea! Just go visit!

Toy Shelf has all of the toys for boys and girls of all ages. Perfect timing for the Christmas season.

Regardless of where you are this holiday season, a care package is always in order.

Christmas Resources has not only a comprehensive list of resources dedicated to the season, but it also houses a great Christmas ebook.

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