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FREE Resources

Staff Development Tips

Staff Development Bookmarks

WebQuest for Staff Developers
If you like webquests or even if you've never tried one, here's a great example. At the end of the activities you'll have your staff development plan ready to present!

WebQuests for Professional Development
If one's a good idea, then many may be even better! Add one of these webquests to your next workshop!

Faculty Adoption of Technology
If you're looking for that source that assures you that research says that teachers who use technology more have students who use technology more, here it is!

Technology Integration Education Effect on Teacher and Student Attitudes (
is a complimentary study, using the CBAM, that provides another positive force for technology staff development.

Adult Learning Resources
If you are a trainer, you're teaching adults. They are not just tall children. They have specific needs that, when recognized and accommodated, yield better learning! Here's a good place to start your learning.

"Staff Development Tips for Education" Email Newsletter

Jeanette publishes an occasional email newsletter with staff development tips for education. To subscribe, email her at

Past issues include:

Staff Development Tips - Week of 4/24/00
Staff Development Tips - Week of 4/17/00
Staff Development Tips - Week of 4/03/00
Staff Development Tips - Week of 3/27/00
Staff Development Tips - Week of 3/13/00

Free Filemaker Online Training (
From one of the leading authorities on Filemaker, these short online tutorials can add the professional touch to your database programming. Scroll down this page to get to the Free Online Tutorials section.

Annenberg ( offers interactive, video-based workshops for staff development. Topic range from Principles for Principals to Assessment in the Math Classroom.

Teaching and Learning with Microsoft CD ( can be ordered for the cost of shipping. It contains templates for teachers, templates for students, classroom activities, over 13,000 clip art images for Macs and PCs, electronic versions of In and Out of the Classroom, a series of self-paced workbooks for Office 2000, self-paced tutorials for Office 2000, Productivity in the Classroom, a series of curriculum workbooks of classroom-tested lessons, and additional activities. It's a great value!

Howie DiBlasi presented Designing and Leading Effective Technology Workshops at a recent Classroom Connect conference. His site ( provides links to some great information.

The University of New South Wales ( provides some excellent tutorials for their faculty. Not only do they have the standard software tutorials, but they also have good resources on Adult Learning, Online Learning, and other topics of interest to those involved in staff development.

The WebTeacher site ( provides well-written tutorials on everything you ever needed to know about browsers, email, and other online operations. Don't write it - just send people here!

Java Courses (
IBM offers FREE courses on Java programming. You can download one of several versions to the courses - text, audio, video. What a resource!

JavaScript Intermediate Tutorial (
This is an EXCELLENT example of how to do a web presentation. Taken from the conference in December 1998, the presentation includes links to live examples. Naturally, you can copy and paste the code into your own pages, then modify it.

Bryan ISD Modules (
As part of their TIE grant, Bryan ISD, Texas, wrote modules on graphics, word processing, operating systems basics for both Mac and Windows. You can see the materials online or download PDFs!

The Technology Source (
This is a bimonthly online publication dedicated to providing "thoughtful, illuminating" articles on integrating technology into education. Covers higher education, as well as K-12. Good background reading, but no concrete step-by-steps.

Grassroots MBA (
This 12 course program geared to nonprofit leaders is FREE!

TechaLong from 4Teachers (
This provides a new tutorial each month. They are very specific, although they don't include graphics at this point. You may want to use them as a basis for writing your own. But remember, if they are sufficient, don't reinvent the wheel.

Apple Learning Interchange (
This site combines resources, units of practice, chats, message boards, and staff development. Excellent resource! Look for online courses in the future!

The AT&T Learning Network (
They are attempting to provide a clearinghouse to quality online staff development. Some of the sites they list are free, others are paid. Some offer credit, while others do not. A good starting point.

CISL Staff Development: Resources & Providers (
This service, sponsored by the Washington Department of Instruction, lists several prominent providers of staff development, as well as specialized programs in staff development.

Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) (
This is a very brief introduction to a model that provides a theoretical background for the type of staff development we need to incorporate into our technology training in order to ensure long-term adoption of the change.

District Wide Technology Training Based on Stages of Concern (
A good illustration of how to apply the Stages of Concern to technology training. Short article.

Do it Yourself Web Page (
If you need a quick reference to creating a web page, whether for an online course or for personal expression, this site has all of the information you need. From an HTML primer to the clip art you want to add it's all here. A good reference site for teachers just getting started in online authoring.

Free Staff Development Resources: Illinois (
If you prepare staff development, you will appreciate this concise overview of basic principles of good staff development.

InterNIC 15-Minute Series (
The 15 Minute Series, a collection of Internet training materials, was developed by InterNIC Information and Education Services to help the research and education community support the growing role of the Internet in their day-to-day operations and activities. The 15 Minute Series has been a success, providing training to literally thousands of Internet users around the globe in all types of organizations.

Kathy Schrock's Slide Shows (
She is a well-known educator who provides current and evolving resources for educators. You can use her slide shows for presenting information to your teachers or as jumping-off points for creating your own. Available both online and as downloadable PDFs.

Nova Southeastern University (
Nova pioneered distance learning degrees. They offer both a Masters and a Doctorate via their web-based and distance learning programs.

Planning a Successful Staff Development Program: Microsoft (
This is just one of the chapters of the Technology Roadmap available free from the Microsoft site. It outlines the major concerns to putting together effective staff development in the K-12 environment.

South Carolina Educational TV (
Webcasts and Teacher Connections are just two types of programming provided here. Look for the same types of programming and support in your geographic area.

Staff Development Resources (
A list of resources on staff development. Includes several well-read articles on technology staff development.

Stages of Concern Questionnaire Online (
You can take the SOC online, then have it scored. It will produce a chart showing your high and low concern areas. You can also sign up to have it save and track your scores over a period of time.

Here's one school's implementation of the SOC online, complete on one page. (

Tammy's Tips (
A good tip site like this can provide ongoing support to teachers needing information on implementation.

Teacher Training Online (
Teacher Training Online is a professional development teaching system designed to provide self-directed, self-paced instruction via the Internet. Teacher Training Online is provided for adult educators who are seeking ways to serve adult learners as they reach for their lifelong goals as workers, community members and family members. No cost is listed in the materials.

TechTamers' Train the Trainers Courses (
Numerous train-the-trainer courses have already been developed and are available for districtwide licensing. Why reinvent the wheel?

T.H.E. Institute (
The T.H.E. Institute offers web-based courses for teachers on topics ranging from Introduction to the Internet, to Multimedia Basics, to Web Site Design. The courses are accredited by the University of Maryland.

Training & Staff Development Resources:Minnesota (
This is a full page of links. Most important to internet staff development are the sections on Resources for New Internet Explorers and Free Internet Training Resources.

Walden University (
Walden offers graduate degrees in Information Technology via web-based learning, with summer onsite meetings. This ensures that your classmates bring a world of knowledge and experience from many diverse geographic perspectives.

The World Lecture Hall (
Search by topic to find online course pages created by faculty worldwide. In addition, distance education courses sponsored by the University of Texas are listed.

Online Training brochures from Stephanie Rusnak from South Carolina.
She's done a great job of putting information online that you can use in your staff development programs.

Curriculum Development from the Pennsylvania Department of Education provides excellent information here.

Yahoo also has some excellent computer lingo sections.Don't reinvent your glossary lists - refer to theirs!

The Babbage Net School provides "quality education by real instructors in a virtual classroom". They are excellent for enrichment, home instruction, and at risk students.

PC Show and Tell ( provides short movies on more than 50 software packages. You have to download their player and it only works on 166MHz Windows computers or better, but if you have that combination, it's worth it. It's free.

Smart Planet ( provides courses on "everything". You can get a free trial membership and try it out before paying your dues.

You Achieve ( is one of the premiere online training sites for business skills. You can subscribe to different programs, depending on what you need to learn. Look for the course on Customer Service Online by Dr. Cates.

Ontime Training ( provides business-oriented courses for a fee. Get the 49-day free trial to see if it's for you.


Teachers are four times more likely to be exemplary computer users when there is a full-time technical support person at the campus.

Becker, H. (1994) How exemplary computer-using teachers differ from other teachers: Implications for realizing the potential of computers in schools. Journal of Research on Computing in Education. 26(3), 291-321.

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