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FREE Resources

Online Learning & Instruction

Region 20's Resources for Creating Web-based Lessons
If you're new to this process, this is a great place to start! You'll find plenty of links, tutorials, and tools here.

Filamentality ( is a free service provided by Packard Bell where you can quickly create and maintain an updated page of links on a specific topic.


WebQuests are a topic unto themselves. They provide a structured method of providing an interactive online learning experience for your students. Here are some resources to get you started with this medium:

  • If you've never experienced a webquest before, why not invite your colleagues to complete the Staff Development WebQuest (
  • If you like it, you may want to learn more from the WebQuest Training Materials at or you may want to do more webquests for professional development (
  • If you feel you're ready to start composing webquests, here's a template.(
  • Once finished, you'll need a way to evaluate the webquest (

NewRubrics for Online Learning ( provides a wealth of places to look for ideas and ready-to-use rubrics in your online activities.

FREE Test Drive!


Why not try an email course? New
You can offer a 7-lesson course to an unlimited number of people using the aweber service. They will email your lessons on a pre-scheduled basis, leaving you to create more courses! Sign up to the left to start receiving their free course on how to do it!


Microsoft ( has a nice site with articles and links to support your implementation of online learning.

Teaching with the Web (

From the University of New South Wales, this is a work-in-progress tutorial on how to teach effectively online. Check out their other online tutorials linked from this page as well.

Web Based Instruction Resources (

An excellent site maintained by John Curry. Includes articles on theory, evaluation and design of web-based instruction.

Online Professional Development: Suggestions for Success (

ISTE looks at the variety of courses currently available for educators. Based on learning styles, they help you determine which types of courses match your environment for the best outcomes. In addition, they offer strategies for making the most of online educational opportunities

Components of an Online Course (

Written for the faculty at North Carolina State University, this guide presents an excellent starting point when you're considering putting a course online.

Web Page Design for Designers (

Based on the assumption that you already know how to create a page, this site provides very rich resources. Everything you need to know, including rulers to measure your web pages for maximum compatibility with various browsers and computer screens. However, it has white text on a black background, so it is VERY hard to read.

Fair Use and Your Online Course (

No discussion of authoring online would be complete without the copyright discussion. Again, North Carolina State has provided the basics with links. Remember, however, that this is an evolving issue, so be vigilant about seeking the latest information.

Templates for Online Course Materials (

These templates can be used to create your own online course. Read the use guidelines before using the templates.

Code-generated Web Templates for Online Courses (

Again, from North Carolina State Univerisyt, these code generators ask you to complete a form with your information, then they email you the HTML code for the page. Look at the sample course that was generated from these engines and decide which of them you want to use. Judy Davis Akane at North Carolina State said it was okay to use these - at your own risk! Do not call them for support!

How to Build a Web-Enabled Course (

An excellent, create example of a web-based course on web-based courses. For example, she provides a slide presentation as her course overview, as well as the review points for each lesson. Her links are well-researched and provide even more depth to this course.

PC Show and Tell ( provides short movies on more than 50 software packages. You have to download their player and it only works on 166MHz Windows computers or better, but if you have that combination, it's worth it. It's free.

Smart Planet ( provides courses on "everything". You can get a free trial membership and try it out before paying your dues.

You Achieve ( is one of the premiere online training sites for business skills. You can subscribe to different programs, depending on what you need to learn. Look for the course on Customer Service Online by Dr. Cates.

Ontime Training ( provides business-oriented courses for a fee. Get the 49-day free trial to see if it's for you.

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