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FREE Resources

School Website Design Resources

--Design Your Site

    Designing your Site (
    Although, they call this a "web presentation" rather than a site design, all of the elements are here. Excellent resource for looking at the ways to approach a topic and the process of designing the site.

    General Recommendations on Design Issues (
    Some things to keep in mind when you design your web pages.

    Web Traps for the Internet Publisher (
    The 10 most common mistakes in creating a web site.

    The T.H.E. Institute ( offers one of the few online courses on Designing Your Web Site. It is for webmasters who already know how to create pages and need to move a step beyond.

    School Web Page Development Guide (
    Excellent general guidelines for creating school home pages as well as a list of content ideas to help you select appropriate material for your own school's home page.

    Web Site Garage - Improve Your Web Site (
    You can have one of your web pages "tuned up" free to see if you like the service, before you buy.

    Neilsen's "Top Ten Design Mistakes" Illustrated (

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--Claris Home Page

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    Website Abstraction Frontpage Tutorial (
    Four lessons on the basics of Frontpage 97. No illustrations, however, and not the most comprehensive lessons you'd want.

    FrontPage Tutorial- Table of Contents (
    Nice tutorial through tables and frames. Includes illustrations and bullet points.

    FrontPage Newsgroups (
    Read the entries from some of these newsgroups. Also has a downloadable white paper on step-by-step guide to create Frontpage intranet.

    Index of Frontpage articles (

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--Microsoft Word

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--The Missing Link: How to Put Your Pages on the Internet

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--Advanced Topics

  • The JavaScript Index ( lists some sites that use javascript.
  • Java Courses ( IBM offers FREE courses on Java programming. You can download one of several versions to the courses - text, audio, video. What a resource!
  • JavaScript Intermediate Tutorial ( This is an EXCELLENT example of how to do a web presentation. Taken from the conference in December 1998, the presentation includes links to live examples. Naturally, you can copy and paste the code into your own pages, then modify it.
  • The CGI Index ( CGIs are the programs that run on your server and let you use forms and other fancy things. This is definitely an advanced topic. But when you're ready for it, here's a good place to start.
  • Ethernet Tutorial (
  • If you need to learn the jargon of a local area network, with its hubs, routers, 10baseT, and repeaters, this is the place for you. There is also a Fast Ethernet white paper ( to accompany this one.

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