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FREE Resources

Assessing Teachers' Technology Skills

-View the Seminar Presentation Slides

-Seminar Followup Information:

  • NewThe Technology in My Life survey from Jamie McKenzie, although older, provides a good example of a personalized approach assessment of technology skills.

  • NewEvaluating Professional Growth and Development
    This is a good starting point for a discussion of the need for and place of assessment. Includes numerous links to other resources.

  • The Utah Technology Awareness Project
    has created 4-level rubrics in 8 categories for teachers, technical staff, and administrators. You can assess your skills online, then see the graph showing your strong and weak points.

  • Staff Competencies from Winona, MN
    Checklist of competencies from 1996-97. Staff self-rank.

  • Technology Self-Assessment Tool
    Includes courses offered to address each competency level.

  • Teacher rubric for Internet Skills (

  • Teacher self-rating rubric on Microsoft Office (

  • Austin ISD ( has developed comprehensive teacher technology competencies, for which there are application assessments. A thorough list.

  • The Mankato Survey ( is considered a standard in the field of teacher assessment for technology. Download the Filemaker file, then follow the instructions.

  • Rubrics for beginning teacher Use of Technology as a Tool ( Convert this to a standard rubric scale and you are ready to gather data!

  • Rubrics for internet use by teachers. (

  • Rubrics for advanced teacher Use of Technology in Integration ( These rubrics are free to schools as long as you cite Doug Johnson of the Mankato Schools as the source.

  • Assessment rubrics ( for an Internet Course from the University of Houston Clear Lake. These provide good examples of different aspects of course participation.

  • National Standards for Teachers in Technology Education ( from ISTE. Several levels of standards are provided.

  • The North Carolina Technology Competencies for Educators ( provides standards on two levels. In addition, there are self-assessment instruments that you can print.

  • Educational Technology:Media for Inquiry, Communication, Construction, and Expression
    ( An interesting approach to classifying educational technology, based on Dewey's work.

  • Learning with Profile Tool (
    Download this and use it in the teacher assessment program. You can ask everyone to do thier own or use it as a checklist. Measures the level of Engaged Learning, as described by NCREL's Plugging In. (

  • Stages of Concern Questionnaire Online (
    You can take the SocQ online, then have it scored. It will produce a chart showing your high and low concern areas. You can also sign up to have it save and track your scores over a period of time. This is based on the Concerns Based Adoption Model. (

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