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FREE Resources

Administrators' Guide to the Net

-View the Seminar Presentation Slides

-Seminar Followup Information:

  • NewAnnenberg
    Offers interactive, video-based workshops for staff development. Topic range from Principles for Principals to Assessment in the Math Classroom.

  • Rubrics for Leadership:
    What Technologically Literate Superintendents, Principals and Directors Should Know and Be Able to do with Information Technologies (January 1999 draft)

    Ten areas of technology with three levels of use for each area provides a good measure of your ability to use technology appropriately for your role as an educational leader.

  • Common Measures
    80% of parents would like more computers in the classroom

  • Internet for Administrators
    This wonderful site is maintained by J. Fred Schouten, Ed.D, from Illinois. He presented this site at NECC 98 and it's been a favorite ever since.

  • American Association for School Administrators
    Whether you're looking for current issues, a list of upcoming workshops and conferences, or a job opening, this official website is well done.

  • AASA State Associations
    Find your state association from the links on this page. Quality and comprehensiveness vary by location.

  • Association of School Business Officers
    Most of the information at this site is geared to vendors for advertising. It does contain information on the annual conference.

  • National Association of Elementary School Principals
    A very rich site. Well developed, full of information, and easy to navigate. Be sure to check out their forums - there are lots of practical answers here to your everyday questions and concerns.

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals
    Fairly sparse, but does include a list of the staff development they offer - none online yet.

  • National Alliance of Middle Level Schools
    Some information including sample articles from Schools in the Middle magazine.

  • National School Boards Associaton
    A wealth of information is here. Navigating is not always easy, but keep digging.

  • Education Leadership Tool Kit
    This is one of the most valuable resources on the internet. It provides background research, articles, and how-to's on integrating technology and assisting school reform.

  • Education Mailing List Archive
    Listservs are something you subscribe to, depending on your interests. All answers are sent to the email boxes of everyone on the list. When you reply, you reply through email. It's an easy way to join a discussion, without having to be at a particular place at a specific time.

  • American School Directory
    Your school has a webpage here. You will want to check it out to be sure the information is correct and an accurate reflection of your school.

  • Yahoo Real Estate Schools
    Yahoo lists all schools with their statistics and other information. You need to look at the information on your school.

  • Center for Educational Reform
    A good site, generally updated, that provides list of other resources that are helpful to schools involved in reform.

  • Education Statistics at a Glance
    These are those frequently asked, frequently quoted statistics. Here's where they find them!

  • Grant Alert
    A list of ongoing grants that may be applicable to your school. This may be a good starting place.

  • US Department of Education Funding Opportunities
    Links to the Federal Register and the EDGAR for regulations.

  • Grants Web
    From the Society of Research Administrators, this site is a comprehensive guide to grants, availability, and how-to's.

  • National Center for Educational Statistics
    There are several excellent publications available from this site. You can order a printed copy or download the publication from the site, free.

  • Discipline Help
    A comprehensive list of over 100 behavior problems and suggestions for handling them.

  • Planning Tools for Technology
    A comprehensive list of unique tools provided.

  • Developing Educational Standards
    A quick way to see what other states and organizations are doing with standards.

  • Magic Eight Ball Deicision Making Tool
    This is the ultimate in decision making!

  • Chicken Soup for the Teachers' Soul
    You or someone you know could be featured in the upcoming book. Deadline is November 30, 1998.

  • Grassroots MBA
    This 12 course program geared to nonprofit leaders is FREE!

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