TechTamers works with you on all phases of your business online - from initial design services to full-fledged information product creation and ecommerce. TechTamers is your online success source.
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Four Stages of your Online Business

There are four stages to developing an effective online business, assuming you already have a business website.

  1. Get Ready to Sell: Chances are your current site needs tune-up. It's not ready to attract heavier traffic or support ecommerce. Plus, you need to establish a more effective online sales process in order to maximize the current opportunities you have.
  2. Build Traffic: Just having a site that's ready to sell is not enough. You need to have plenty of visitors coming to your online business - enough so that you have the desired amount of sales. This is the critical period for a business online.
  3. Build Products and eCommerce: While you can sell offline services and products or you can sell other people's products, your highest return on investment comes from digital products that you produce and distribute. These products literally make money for you whether you're awake or asleep, in town or on vacation.
  4. Expand: When you're satisfied that you have the products you need, that your traffic meets your expectations, and your site is working like you want, it's time to expand. The model you have implemented can be replicated and enhanced, time and again.

To help you move through the four stages of online business, Dr. Jeanete Cates offers a monthly coaching program. You can learn more about the coaching services at Online Success Coaching.

Please call us at 512-219-5653 or email Jeanette to ask questions and to clarify your needs. We'd love to visit with you about creating your online success!

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